Glen Ford vs. Michael Eric Dyson on Obama Presidency

west_v_dysonMichael Eric Dyson latest attack on Cornell West is one of desperation and all out distraction from honest conversation on Obama policies impacting Black America
Obama is a centrist whose domestic and international policies aligned with traditional moderate Republicans and has made concession to corporate lobbyist,war profiteers and neo-liberal prescribers. Obama presidency has clearly shown the illusion of the “Democrat” “Republican” paradigm and how the game is rigged in favor of corporations and wealthy elites.
Glenn Ford in his latest write up destroys Michael Eric Dyson who is now the poster child of the black intellectual class who have been worshiping Obama like a cult rather than provide honest assessment of his policies. Any group of people whether they are American or Eritrean should be honest about leaders policies/ideology and not be silent inorder to be provided with opportunity or access like the glory hungry Michael Eric Dyson.
Cornell West and Glen Ford are both principled individual who provide honest assessment of the Obama presidency rather than blind worship of him over his 2 terms