Eritrea’s Customary Law

Professor Asmerom Legesse is a Eritrean intellectual who graduated from Harvard University but has chosen to side with the people instead of becoming the typical eltist pompous intellectual with self serving bourgeois interest that are about getting White acedemia world validation.

In this interview he speaks on Eritrean customary law and how the revolutionary EPLF embraced progressive communal practices

Often times revolutionary African movements or vanguard party make a mistake in assuming all native practices are reactionary but EPLF understood in preserving certain socialist oriented practices instead of following same path as Mao with cultural revolution and others path that had absolutist aim of eradicating all practices which ended badly for China

Eritrea’s customary law is a valuable asset
and we should be proud of our ancestors in cultivating the progressive practices

Professor Asmerom Legesse should be given a platform to present to the diaspora community on Eritrea’s customary laws and his views on implementing the traditional laws into the Eritrean constitution